They can apply for a visa

Foreigners who are not EU residents who are interested in starting up a business venture classified as innovative and in the public interest in Spain are entitled to apply for a visa and a residence permit. A report must be ordered and a favourable finding obtained before the application the visa or residence permit can be filed. This report may be issued by the Spanish Embassy’s Commercial Attaché’s Office or by the Bureau of Trade and Investment, depending on the case.

Persons interested in starting a business or a professional venture in Spain either in the form of a company or as a self-employed independent professional in Spain may apply for a visa and self- employed contractor residence permit at the Spanish Consulate where they live.


  1. Visa and residence permit for entrepreneurs under the Spanish Support for International Entrepreneurship Act [Ley 14/2013] (innovative ventures in the public interest)
  2. Visa and self-employed contractor initial residence permit for independent professionals and members of legal entities established in Spain